Tiphfennie Yao

In their current role as a System Database Administrator at UW Medicine, Tiphfennie manages databases and implements automated solutions. However, Tiphfennie's dedication extends beyond the confines of their DBA role. They possess a passion for acquiring new skills and expertise. Their commitment to personal growth and their enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge extends to sharing their experiences and insights with others. Tiphfennie is a strong advocate for the importance of continuous learning, and they are dedicated to helping others thrive in their pursuit of knowledge and professional excellence.

Tiphfennie Yao's Sessions

Cracking the Code to Work Life Balance in the Tech IndustrySQLBits 2024

The fast paced, ever evolving tech industry presents a unique set of challenges for its workforce when it comes to maintaining a healthy work life balance. The demands of projects with tight deadlines and a culture of constant connectivity often blur the lines between work and personal life, making it increasingly difficult for tech workers to achieve equilibrium. Tech workers operate in an industry characterized by 24 hour demand for innovation and rapid problem-solving. The relentless pace, long working hours, and the constant pressure to deliver can take a toll on an individual's well being. This presentation will explore the nuances of these challenges, from managing projects that seemingly never end to the psychological strain of constantly being "on call." We will also examine the implications of burnout, stress, and the toll on mental and physical health that may result from an unhealthy work life balance. While the challenges are evident, this presentation with offer set of practical tips, strategies, and recommendations aimed at helping to maintain a healthy work life balance. These strategies will encompass time management techniques, methods for setting and maintaining boundaries, and self care practices that can be seamlessly integrated into the demanding tech work environment. This presentation will also address the role of employers/managers in supporting their employees' work life balance. It will offer suggestions on creating a workplace culture that encourages a balance between work and personal life, thereby contributing to improved job satisfaction, productivity, and overall well being.

Shattering the Silicon Ceiling: Women in TechSQLBits 2024

Gender diversity in tech is a critical issue, with women underrepresented in the industry. This presentation will highlight the specific challenges women face in tech, explore the implications of this underrepresentation, and provide actionable strategies for fostering gender diversity and inclusion.