I'm a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate specialising in Microsoft Power BI, Excel and Paginated Reporting. I develop reports and models using Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, R and Python and work closely with businesses to enable them to use these tools to provice strategic insight and answer those questions that give value. I can programme in M, DAX, Python, R, SQL and VBA (to a degree!) and am a certified Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word and Excel. I spend most of my time heavily involved with Microsoft Power BI extracting, transforming and loading data into business models visualising information. For this I use both M and DAX to transform data into business solutions. I established my freelance business after spending 14 years delivering Computing and Business training at all levels in finance, reporting, information systems and databases predominantly. IT is designed to empower individuals and businesses to make their life simpler. With the growing applications and software we use in our daily lives, the ability to understand and utilise this software is essential. I enjoy facilitating the 'lightbulb moment', the moment when individuals realise that this is how you can make this software work for you and these are those key insights that will make the difference to the business.