Ajay Jagannathan

Ajay Jagannathan is a Principal Group Program Manager for SQL Server and hybrid data services, based in Redmond. He has an MS in Computer Science and over 25 years of industry experience. He is currently responsible for driving product strategy and roadmap for SQL Server and Arc Data Services to deliver breakthrough innovations and product experiences from inception to engaged customer usage that modernize database to handle the speed, variety and scale of today's data. He partners closely with several customers to understand product usage and feedback to drive improvements in the product. He has deep experience in various features of SQL database engine spanning over several versions of SQL Server starting with 6.5 as well as Azure SQL.

Ajay Jagannathan's Sessions

Analytics in SQL Server and Azure SQL DatabaseSQLBits 2023

Join us to learn about the SQL Server and Azure SQL Database features that support analytical and HTAP/Translytical workloads.

Next Level Scalability on SQL Server 2022SQLBits 2023

Learn all about the scalability improvements for the most cloud-enabled SQL Server 2022 release covering improvements that are available by default and new capabilities database administrators can enable giving way to a highly available and performant platform.

SQL Server 2022 - the most Azure-enabled SQL Server yetSQLBits 2023

Learn how SQL Server 2022 allows you to achieve business continuity, real-time analytics over operational data, manage, secure and govern data centrally by integrating with Azure services such as Managed Instance, Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Defender and Azure Synapse.