Grant Fritchey

Grant Fritchey is a Data Platform MVP and AWS Community Builder with over 30 years’ experience in IT, including time spent in support and development. Grant works with multiple data platforms including SQL Server and PostgreSQL as well as multiple cloud platforms. He has also developed in VB, VB.NET, C#, and Java. Grant writes books for Apress and Simple-Talk. Grant presents at conferences and user groups, large and small, all over the world. He joined Redgate Software as a product advocate in January 2011.

Grant Fritchey's Sessions

Learn to Read Execution PlansSQLBits 2019

Learn how to understand and read execution plans.

Environment Provisioning: The Third AgeSQLBits 2019

Step back through the ages and explore how database teams have approached creating environments for dev and test. Learn how, in the new age of provisioning, databases are delivered safer, faster, and more efficiently

DevOps and DataSQLBits 2018

Learn about data management and DevOps for the modern business.

Exploring Execution PlansSQLBits 2018

Learn the details behind how to read execution plans.

Statistics, Row Counts, Execution Plans, and Query TuningSQLBits 2017

Row counts are the primary factor for choices made by the query optimizer. This session explores how row counts affects query performance.

Faster Provisioning with SQL CloneSQLBits 2017

Find out how the new SQL Clone enables self-service easy automation of database copies, near-instant at the time of need, using a fraction of the disk space, and allowing quick reversion to a baseline.

Automating Your Database DeploymentsSQLBits 2015

Deploying your database changes to production can be nerve-wracking. We'll discuss methods that take the stress out of the process by ensuring that you practise your deployments using continuous integration before you ever get near production

Getting Started Reading Execution PlansSQLBits 2014

Learn where to start reading execution plans and how to interpret them in order to understand how to tune poorly performing queries.

Monitoring Windows Azure SQL Server VMs and SQL DatabasesSQLBits 2014

Once you've decided to move to Azure with any of your databases, you're going to need to know how they're performing, this session shows you.

Query Tuning in the CloudsSQLBits 2013

Just because you're using an Azure SQL database does not mean you can avoid tuning queries. This session will introduce you to the tools you have available to identify poor performing queries, understand, and fix them. All in the cloud.