Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline is a noted database expert and software industry veteran. A 20-year Microsoft Data Platform MVP and noted community leader in the IT industry, Kevin is a founder and former president of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS.ORG), as well as the author of popular IT books including the bestseller "SQL in a Nutshell". Kevin is a top-rated speaker at industry trade shows worldwide. His product designs for database tools have won numerous awards at industry trade shows and from a variety of trade magazines. He is on social media as @kekline and blogs regularly.

Kevin Kline's Sessions

Pitch Perfect-Presenting Ideas That Win Executive SupportSQLBits 2018

You want to make your IT organization better, new software or hardware, new team process, or other significant change? Is you organization’s management are prone to saying ‘No’ to things like this in the past. How do you move forward successfully?

Optimizer Secrets: Debugging using 860x Trace FlagsSQLBits 2017

Learn about the powerful 8600 series of trace flags which additional details about how the query optimizer behaves as it processes a query.

Ten 10 Query Tuning Techniques Every SQL Programmer Should KSQLBits 2015

Learn how to assess query performance, ensure consistent and reliable query tuning, and avoid ten all-too-common performance killers in SELECT statements running on Microsoft SQL Server.

Top 10 Mistakes of New IT LeadersSQLBits 2015

New IT leaders are rarely trained in the soft skills needed to be successful when put in charge. This one-hour session will explore the ten most frequent and challenging mistakes that new IT leaders make, as well as discuss methods for combating thos

An End-to-End Troubleshooting Checklist for SQL ServerSQLBits 2015

Microsoft ships a multitude of tools to help detect, diagnose and resolve problems inside of SQL Server. But which is best to use and when? This session teaches attendees how to tackle the troubleshooting process to achieve repeated, optimal results.

Practical T-SQL Tips & Tricks to coding problemsSQLBits 2015

In this demo-packed session, you’ll learn practical tips and tricks for SQL code tuning from experienced SQL Server MVPs Aaron Bertrand and Kevin Kline as they walk you through some of the most problematic and troublesome SQL coding problems.

Top Ten Crucial Dev Skills to Make Your DBA HappySQLBits 2013

Attend this session to learn about 10 techniques that developers can apply to their code which will calm your DBAs’ fears and earn their admiration

Top 10 Administrator Mistakes on Microsoft SQL ServerSQLBits 2012

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the easiest database to setup and administrate. But that doesn't mean it's problem free. Find out the most common DBA mistakes on SQL Server so that you can make sure not to make them!

Understanding and Preventing SQL Injection AttacksSQLBits 2011

SQL Injection attacks are one of the most common hacker tricks used on the web. Learn all about SQL Injection attacks in this perennially favorite session.

Understanding and Preventing SQL Injection AttacksSQLBits 2010

SQL injection can happen to you! But SQL injection is also very easy to prevent. Learn the ins and outs of SQL injection so that you don't become a victim.