Fusion-io's Sessions

Columnstore Indexes in SQL 2014: Flipping the DW Faster BitSQLBits 2015

This presentation includes an overview of SQL Server 2012 & a deep dive into SQL Server 2014 columnstore indexes, including a review of the architecture, as well as the challenges, workarounds, travails, & big wins at customer sites

Learn about SQL Server Buffer Pool Extension, flash storageSQLBits 2014

Learn more about use cases and limitations for buffer pool extension. We will also cover the performance gains it can bring to your environment.

SQL Server In-Memory OLTP and FlashSQLBits 2014

Learn how flash storage accelerates In-Memory OLTP performance. We will also cover limitations with SQL Server In-Memory OLTP.

Quantifying the cost of CompressionSQLBits 2013

In this session, we will use Grade of the Steel type workloads to quantify the CPU cost of enabling different types of compression. Using CPU profiling, we will try to quantify the cost of this feature.

Fusion ioN Data Accelerator - software defined storageSQLBits 2013

ioN Data Accelerator software transforms industry-leading open server platforms into powerful shared acceleration devices for multiple applications or clusters. Come learn how and why.

Disruptive StorageSQLBits 2011

Fusion-io's Mat Young will look at how radical change is often achieved through distillation and simplicity of design in conjunction with passionate people and great software.

Myths and Monsters of FlashSQLBits 2011

Steve will explore some of the characteristics of NAND flash, introduce the mechanics and debunk some myths along the way.