Djordje Jeremic

Djordje is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Development Center Serbia, the home of Azure SQL Managed Instance Product Group. He joined the SQL Managed Instance PM team's data mobility group after 2.5 years in the SQL Managed Instance engineering team specializing in high availability and disaster recovery. Prior to Microsoft, Djordje has 10+ years of experience in developing telecommunication and automotive technologies.

Djordje Jeremic's Sessions

Return ticket from SQL Managed Instance to SQL Server – One-Click Reverse Migration and DRSQLBits 2024

The demo showcases new capabilities of setting up hybrid link from SQL Managed Instance to SQL Server 2022, reverse migrating online, setting up transparent connection routing, and more. You can decide if your primary is either Azure SQL Managed Instance or SQL Server. Use it a Disaster Recovery solution, or for offloading R/O workloads on the secondary. Learn how to take advantage of the best integrated hybrid experience between SQL Server and SQL Managed Instance.

Azure SQL Managed Instance Deep Dive by Microsoft Product GroupSQLBits 2024

Join us for a comprehensive session on Azure SQL Managed Instance. Covering all product areas, from HADR to SQL features, this session is ideal for professionals of any company size. Presented by the product group, you’ll gain insights directly from the team defining the product. Leave with a deeper understanding and actionable insights for your work.

Advancing the DBA's Role in the Cloud: In the Cockpit of Azure SQL Managed InstanceSQLBits 2024

Join us to learn how DBA role has evolved from on-premises SQL Server DBA to Azure SQL DBA and what does it mean to you. You will learn how existing on-premises DBA responsibilities map to new DBA role in Azure, what are the new shared responsibilities in Azure, and opportunities for skill development helping you become Azure SQL DBA superstar.

Meet the PG: Azure SQL Managed InstanceSQLBits 2024

Come and meet the Product team for Azure SQL Managed Instance. Discover & discuss the newest additions to the platform, get your questions answered and let us know what Azure SQL MI is missing to enable your business to achieve more.