Marthe Moengen

Like Beyonce but in tech. Power BI geek, and Data Governance enthusiast from Oslo!

Marthe Moengen's Sessions

Building trust in your data. Why data governance is the key to success.SQLBits 2023

Join us to learn why data governance is increasing in popularity and what you need to know about what data governance really is.

Power BI Datamart - What, How and Why?SQLBits 2023

In this short session, we will go through the what, how and why of Power BI Datamarts. What is this feature you can find in Power BI Service? How can you use it to model your data, improve control and enable self-service? Why should you use Power BI Datamarts?

Keynote by The CommunitySQLBits 2023

Ben and Rob have found some wonderful folk to actually do the important parts of the community keynote. on the theme of How to be a nonpassive member of the data community