Mark Broadbent

Mark Broadbent is a Data Platform MVP and SQL Server MCM with well over 25 years of experience in SQL Server and working as a Senior Solution Architect primarily focused on the Microsoft Data and Cloud Platform. He is an expert in concurrency control, technical editor and reviewer to multiple book titles, and specializes in Azure, Data, DevOps, and related technologies. Mark was the founder of the Hybrid Virtual Group, SQLSaturday Cambridge (the first and largest in the UK), SharePoint Saturday Cambridge, East Anglia SQL User Group, and a co-founder of SQLNexus conference in Denmark. These days he co-leads the Hybrid Virtual Group -a not-for-profit bi-weekly virtual online event specializing in delivering and promoting Microsoft cloud and data platform content to the masses in which past recordings can be watched via

Mark Broadbent's Sessions

2 Fast 2 Furious - designing for speed, concurrency, and correctness (20 min edition)SQLBits 2022

Learn how to design for speed, concurrency, and correctness and avoid common database development pitfalls.

Introduction to continuous integration and delivery with Azure DevOps (20 min edition)SQLBits 2022

Learn how to use Azure DevOps for your development and CICD processes

SQL Server Always On for DummiesSQLBits 2020

In this session, we will explain how to plan for, deploy, and manage Availability Groups from the ground up in easy to understand examples and demos.

Persistence is Futile-Implementing Delayed DurabilitySQLBits 2018

In this session, we will investigate how SQL Server implements transactional durability in order to understand how Delayed Durability bends the rules to remove transactional bottlenecks and achieve improved throughput.

Ye Olde Cluster Curiosity Shoppe-Clustering Tips & TricksSQLBits 2015

Welcome to the strange and mysterious world of SQL Server Failover Clustering and enter Ye Olde Cluster Curiosity Shoppe where we will reveal a miscellany of top tips, tricks and advice gained from nearly two decades of installing and troubleshooting

Moves Like Jagger: Upgrading to SQL Server 2012SQLBits 2013

Upgrading SQL Server is one of the most challenging and risky operations that you will perform as a DBA. Make the wrong move, and you could be heading for the exit. In this diverse session, we'll take an in-depth look at moving to SQL Server 2012.

Enter the Dragon: SQL 2012 on Server CoreSQLBits 2012

In this session we shall demonstrate configuration, installation and administration of SQL Server 2012 on Server 2008R2 Core. We shall discuss Command line and PowerShell configuration, Installation of SQL, Remote Administration and Clustering.

SQL Server Clustering for DummiesSQLBits 2011

Are you uncomfortable with the idea of SQL Server Clustering? Do you currently use it and are scared to go near your Clustered Instances and their physical hosts? Stop worrying and learn the "Dark Art" of SQL Server Cluster administration.

READPAST & Furious: Transactions, Locking and IsolationSQLBits 2011

In this session we will investigate SQL Server concurrency and reveal some very surprising and thought provoking behaviors.

Thinking outside the Box. Learning a little about a lotSQLBits 2010

Generalize your skills so you can specialize on SQL Server.