Cláudio Silva

I work as a Data Platform Architect. I love performance tuning and I'm also a PowerShell lover who automates any process that needs to be done more than a couple of times. I'm a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and an active SQL Server and PowerShell community member. Also, I'm a contributor to open-source projects such as dbatools ( and dbachecks ( I blog at .

Cláudio Silva's Sessions

Hear me out - Don't go offline because of your index deployment strategySQLBits 2023

Want to avoid downtimes or big blocking operations when managing indexes on busy systems? In this session, we will talk about some common problems that can lead to unexpected downtimes and how we could avoid them.

Lift and Shift with dbatools - Azure SQL Managed Instance editionSQLBits 2023

Migrating from On-Prem SQL Server to Azure SQL Managed Instance requires a set of pre-requirements that can become much easier if we can validate and repeat the steps needed. No matter if it's an Offline or Online migration, dbatools can make your life easier.

Administrating SSRS without boring web based clicksSQLBits 2018

Automate SSRS management using Microsoft's PowerShell module