Ed Freeman

Ed is an Engineer working at endjin, after graduating from a Mathematics degree 6 years ago. Throughout his tenure at endjin, he has been implementing intelligent cloud & data platforms built on Azure for clients of all sizes and industries. Ed is particularly passionate about Microsoft Fabric, Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI, and heads-up Power BI Weekly, a free weekly newsletter to help the community keep up with the latest and greatest developments from the Power BI ecosystem.

Ed Freeman's Sessions

How To Actually Make Decisions When Architecting a Data PlatformSQLBits 2024

Are you drowning in a sea of architectural options for your new data platform? Are there people in your organisation with strong opinions on which tools should be used, and for what? Are you unsure how to prove/evidence your gut feeling as to how things should be built? Well - this session's for you! If you're in charge of architecting a new data platform, it can be difficult to make concrete decisions that pushes you closer to your end goal - building a successful solution. This session will introduce a tried-and-tested suite of strategies and tools that will help you efficiently navigate the unforgiving task of architecting a modern data platform. We'll take a look at artifacts such as ADRs (Architectural Decision Records), NFR (Non-functional requirements) documents, and discuss strategies inspired from the Agile methodology (such as failing fast) that can help you in your endeavour.

Ask the Expert - Group B (Wed: 13:50 to 15:40)SQLBits 2024

Come and see to some of our amazing speakers on one of these topics: 5. Data Science and Analytics: 6. Microsoft Tools and Technologies: 7. Programming and Development: 8. Data Management and Governance: 9. User Experience and Design:

Ask the Expert - Group A (Sat, 9:00 to 9:50)SQLBits 2024

Come and see to some of our amazing speakers on one of these topics: 1. SQL and Databases: 2. Microsoft Fabric and Related Technologies: 3. Power BI and Data Visualization: 4. Azure and Cloud Technologies: