Kasper de Jonge

Kasper de Jonge is a Principal Program Manager on the Power BI team at Microsoft, where he has worked on developing features for Power BI, Power Pivot and other Analysis Services products such as the Tabular model and Multidimensional cubes. He is a frequent speaker at conferences such as Ingite, MBSAS, SQLPASS, and SQLSaturday. His blog can be found at http://www.kasperonbi.com and can also be found at twitter http://twitter.com/kjonge. He is also author of Dashboarding & Reporting with Power BI: How to Design and Create a Financial Dashboard with Power BI .

Kasper de Jonge's Sessions

Fabric security: everything you need to know!SQLBits 2024

Learn how Microsoft Fabric makes sure your data is secure. Did you know for example that all data is encrypted by default? Or that you can configure MFA for all your users? Fabric offers many of these possibilities and more out of the box without most of us knowing! In this session you will learn everything to convince your security team

Understanding Zero Trust securitySQLBits 2024

In this session we will look at what Zero Trust principles are. Zero Trust is the modern way to apply security. It assumes a breach, verifies every user, and enforces least privilege, giving users access only to the private applications and resources they need. It no longer secures the perimeter (the network boundaries) which doesn't scale in the modern world. We will see how it applies to your Microsoft services like Microsoft Fabric too.

The Power BI Engine in 20 minutesSQLBits 2023

In this action-packed session we will investigate how the Power BI engine works. From loading the data through M to its fast vertipaq engine.

The Power BI secret sauce: Security and governanceSQLBits 2023

Learn how to convince your security team that Power BI's security and governance features are secure. It's baked in features that allow your org to upload your upload your data to the cloud and enable self-service in a safe and managable way.

Debugging common DAX and Model performance issuesSQLBits 2019

In this session, we will explore real world DAX and Model performance scenario's. These scenarios range from memory pressure to high CPU load. Watch as we will dive into the model and improve performance by going through concrete examples.

Microsoft Power BI Premium: Building enterprise-grade modelsSQLBits 2019

Power BI Premium enables you to build comprehensive, enterprise-scale analytic solutions that deliver actionable insights through Microsoft Power BI. The session will focus on performance, scalability, and application lifecycle management (ALM).

Power BI security deep diveSQLBits 2018

One hot topic with Power BI is security, in this deep dive session we will look at all the aspects of security of Power BI, from users, logging to where and how your data is stored andleverage additional Azure services to secure it even more.

Understanding the Power BI data modelSQLBits 2018

In this session we will look at all the important topics that are needed to get your Power BI modelling skills to the next level. We will cover the in memory engine, relationships, DAX filter context, DAX vs M and DirectQuery.

Developing For PowerBISQLBits 2015

The Power BI Preview service offers developers a rich API service for anyone to interact with Power BI programmatically and create applications for Power BI. In this session we will introduce you to the Power BI developer story

Building Great Models for CrescentSQLBits 2011

SQL Server Code Name Denali Reporting Services will include Project Crescent for visualizing, interacting with and presenting data. Project Crescent. Come to this session to see how to make the most of this new tool.