Uros Milanovic

Uros Milanovic is Product Manager for Azure SQL Managed Instance at Microsoft. He is part of the product group based in Microsoft Development Center Serbia (MDCS). Uros is focused on SQL Managed Instance platform capabilities including service patching (maintenance), instance management (CRUD), continuous availability of the service, and platform elasticity.

Uros Milanovic's Sessions

Azure SQL Managed Instance Deep Dive by Microsoft Product GroupSQLBits 2024

Join us for a comprehensive session on Azure SQL Managed Instance. Covering all product areas, from HADR to SQL features, this session is ideal for professionals of any company size. Presented by the product group, you’ll gain insights directly from the team defining the product. Leave with a deeper understanding and actionable insights for your work.

Fly at Mach-speed with Azure SQL Managed InstanceSQLBits 2024

Discover the future of SQL Managed Instance in our session! Learn about best-in-class storage tech and new capabilities for the unmatched price/performance and scalability.

Discover what's new in Azure SQL Managed Instance through an exciting Demo Party!SQLBits 2024

Let us review the latest and the greatest investment that Microsoft has made into the Azure SQL Managed Instance, the product that serve as the best target for the existing SQL Server migration into Azure PaaS. 

Modern models of managing database fleets in Azure PaaS.SQLBits 2024

Discover how Azure PaaS offerings can help you improve the overall management of SaaS applications, virtualize your environment and improve the overall management of the solutions at scale.

Meet the PG: Azure SQL Managed InstanceSQLBits 2024

Come and meet the Product team for Azure SQL Managed Instance. Discover & discuss the newest additions to the platform, get your questions answered and let us know what Azure SQL MI is missing to enable your business to achieve more.