Lewis Prince

Started his data journey through his masters degree in Statistics and Computational Biology, which lead him to spending 4 years in various roles in the Life and Insurance sector where before he joined Purple Frog Systems he was working as a Quantitative Analyst.

Lewis Prince's Sessions

Fast and Efficent Text Analysis using Azure's Language Cognitive ServiceSQLBits 2024

We will go on a whirlwind tour of Azure Cognitive Services Language Studio, to show the wealth of tools available there, and then talking in particular about Key Word Extraction, Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining. We will apply these concepts through Language Studio APIs via Python on Customer Reviews data to then feed into a Power BI report to show how we can really squeeze so much more useful data out of chunks of text!

Copilot Studio: Guiding Your Chatbot Takeoff with AI Aviation!SQLBits 2024

I will talk you through how I created the Copilot chatbot for the SQLBits website.

The SQLBits Website ChatBot with Copilot Studio: How I built the chatbot for this events website)SQLBits 2024

I will talk you through how I created the Copilot chatbot for the SQLBits website.

Model Creation in Azure AutoML and Ingestion Through ExcelSQLBits 2023

We will go through a brief introduction to what Machine Learning is and some of its applications. we will then explore why AutoML should be used by all; as a great starting point for anyone new to Machine Learning, as well as a time saving tool for those more experienced. Finally, we will expose a model as an endpoint and understand how we can use it. Specifically in this case how to use it in excel via VBA. Technologies I will demonstrate are: - Azure Machine Learning Studio - VS code (with Azure Machine Learning Studio extension) - Python - VBA