Mala Mahadevan

Mala Mahadevan is a senior database professional with over 20 years of experience working with data, primarily in SQL Server and related technologies. She has been volunteering with SQL Server community for the past 15 years and is also a recipient of the PASSion award for being an outstanding volunteer. She is a featured blogger on and also blogs frequently at She is active on twitter as @sqlmal.

Mala Mahadevan's Sessions

Ageing gracefully through techSQLBits 2023

Dealing with ageism and finding our rightful place in tech world is a big challenge for many older people. This talk attempts to address some issue around ageism and how to remain a worthy and important tech person as we get older.

Communication across CulturesSQLBits 2023

Learning to communicate well across cultures is an important skill to master in today's world. This short talk attempts to address some common issues between eastern and western style of communication and how to effectively manage them.

Finding and Fixing T-SQL Anti-Patterns with ScriptDOMSQLBits 2022

Improve the quality of your T-SQL code with the free tool ScriptDom