Mark Pryce-Maher

Mark Pryce-Maher is a Senior Program Manager on Microsoft Fabric. Primary focusing on the User Experiences and Migrations for the Data Warehouse. Mark has spent the last 6 years at Microsoft in the Big Data space, including helping many customers migrate from Netezza, Teradata, Oracle, APS, SQL Server to Synapse Data Warehouse.

Mark Pryce-Maher's Sessions

Synapse Q&A with PGSQLBits 2023

SQLBits' has brought members of the Azure Synapse Program Group to Wales to ask YOUR questions. Bring your questions for: Dedicated SQL Pools, Serverless SQL Pools, Spark Pools, Pipelines, Kusto and everything else Synapse related.

Lightning TalksSQLBits 2023

5 minute lightning talks from your favourite speakers

Dedicated SQL Pools : How some stuff 'really' worksSQLBits 2022

Session covering table distributions, partitioning , RSC and materialised views.

Reporting on 1.4B rows with Serverless SQL PoolsSQLBits 2022

Building a dashboard using Serverless SQL Pools in a performant way

Azure Synapse Analytics: Evolving Azure SQL Data WarehouseSQLBits 2020

In this session we explore Azure Synapse Analytics, we will dive into this limitless analytics service and explore how it brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics.

Modernizing & Migrating Your Data Warehouse w/ Azure SynapseSQLBits 2020

This session will dive into how to successfully migrate to Azure Synapse, all the way from code conversion to enterprise grade developer tooling, with real customer examples for product and migration experts.

Azure Machine Learning from the ground upSQLBits 2015

Azure Machine Learning is a fully managed cloud service for predictive analytics. In this 1hour session, we will run through; ML Studio,using data, Creating and running Experiments, visualising results, R , publishing and using experiments.

Building a SSMS Add-in; The Agony and EcstasySQLBits 2011

We will travel back in time a bit to SQL 2005 to see how SSMS Add-ins worked, then jump forward to the present day were we will go through the process of writing a SSMS Add-in for R2.