Tillmann Eitelberg

Tillmann Eitelberg is CEO and co-founder of oh22information services GmbH, which specializes in data management and data governance and offers its own cloud born data quality solution, HEDDA.IO. Tillmann is a regular speaker at international conferences and an active blogger and podcaster at DECOMPOSE.IO. He has open sourced several SSIS components and is Co-Author of Power BI for Dummies (German Edition). Since 2013 is Tillmann is awarded as Microsoft Data Platform MVP. He is a user group leader for the PASS Germany RG Rheinland (Cologne) and a member of the Microsoft Azure Data Community Advisory Board.

Tillmann Eitelberg's Sessions

Exploring the Microsoft Semantic Link for improved data scienceSQLBits 2024

Microsoft's Semantic Link connects Power BI datasets to Synapse Data Science in the Microsoft Fabric. It facilitates efficient collaboration between data scientists and business analysts. It maximises data-driven insights by eliminating the need to re-implement business logic. This session explores Semantic Link, SemPy, and the FabricDataFrame, showing their structures and capabilities along with practical use cases.

Get Rid of Your Data Quality ProblemsSQLBits 2024

Dive into data quality essentials with HEDDA.IO! Discover seamless integration across platforms and real-world scenarios addressing accuracy, completeness, and standards. Empower your data engineering with practical insights to overcome common challenges. Unlock HEDDA.IO's potential and elevate your practices!

Data Testing with HEDDA.IOSQLBits 2024

Explore the pivotal role of data testing in ensuring accuracy, completeness, and reliability in data engineering. Learn how HEDDA.IO, a versatile data quality tool, seamlessly integrates into diverse environments such as Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse, Microsoft Fabric, and custom applications. This session provides practical insights into HEDDA.IO's application within a lake house concept or event-driven architecture. Through informative discussions and hands-on demonstrations, discover how HEDDA.IO enhances data testing processes, empowering data engineers to rectify errors and anomalies, ensuring robust and reliable data for downstream analytics and decision-making.

Integrate Data Quality into your processesSQLBits 2023

HEDDA.IO is a central data quality management solution that connects departments, data stewards and data engineers. It helps to easily integrate standardization, cleansing, matching and enrichment tasks into existing processes.

Govern your self-service integration processesSQLBits 2023

Gain insight into how data can be loaded, processed, and uploaded to other environments in a self-service process from a wide variety of environments in a fully controlled and audited manner. Whether SQL Server, Data Lake, Delta Lake, SAP HANA or many other data sources and targets, WOODY.IO helps you implement clear governance processes into your self-service integration processes.

Data Observability with HEDDA.IOSQLBits 2023

Are you able to fully understand the state of your data in your systems? Are you able to evaluate the quality of your data in all processes? In this session you will learn how easy it is to integrate HEDDA.IO into your existing processes, how it can provide you with a continuous view of the quality of your data and how it can inform you directly in the event of errors, warnings or major changes to individual parameters. HEDDA.IO brings data observability to your process and platforms.

Enterprise Scale Analytics - What's in it for meSQLBits 2022

Reality Check on Microsofts Enterprise Scale Analytics Framework

Under Construction-Power BI for Developers ?SQLBits 2015

Power BI is the Self-Service BI offering of Microsoft to all Information Workers out there, but hey: Is there anything for developers? We will have a look.

Alarm for Data Governance! Self-Service BI is comingSQLBits 2015

This session will show you what is possible in the Power BI Offering of Microsoft in relation to Data Governance

SSIS & HDInsightSQLBits 2015

In this session, we show how SSIS and HDInsight can work together, as well as how Hadoop jobs can be executed and how data can be transferred with SSIS between HDInsight, SQL Server, and other sources or destinations.