Ben Weissman (he/him)

Ben has been working with SQL Server since SQL Server 6.5, mainly in the BI/Datawarehousing field. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, a co-author of "SQL on Kubernetes", "Azure Arc-enabled Data Services Revealed", "SQL Server Big Data Clusters" and "The Biml Book" as well as a regular speaker at national and international events. He has also published multiple Video courses at Pluralsight and other platforms. Ben is also a co-organizer of DataGrillen, New Stars of Data and dativerse as well as a volunteer and mentor for many other Data Platform events.

Ben Weissman (he/him)'s Sessions

Mental Health MonologuesSQLBits 2024

Five people from within the data community, will share their story about mental health, and how this impacts their work and life.

Flight of Innovation: Enhancing On-Prem and Multi-Cloud SQL Instances with a Cloud CockpitSQLBits 2024

Learn how Azure Arc extends Azure's comprehensive feature set to your entire SQL estate, irrespective of location or platform.

Fueling Your Future: Embracing the Rewards of Data Platform Community InvolvementSQLBits 2024

In this session, we delve into the power of active participation in the data platform community. Through speaking, volunteering, blogging, mentoring, organizing, or other ways, individuals not only give back but also get rewarded immensely, both, personal and professional.

Be more responsible around AI - Less Bias, More EthicsSQLBits 2024

This session is focused on the importance of ethical considerations in the development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

Keynote by the community - Impactful Journeys in the Data Platform Community and inspiration for youSQLBits 2024

Prepare for a thrilling journey through the skies of the data platform community as six diverse aviators of the digital realm share their high-flying experiences and the turbulence they faced en route to making a lasting impact. In this keynote, our speakers, each with a unique flight plan, will take you on a riveting ride through the clouds of data, highlighting the ways in which community involvement became the fuel that propelled them to new heights.

Azure Arc in 50 MinutesSQLBits 2023

Join me on a journey to understand what Azure Arc is and how it allows you to manage your hybrid and multi-cloud estates.

Never ETL again, thanks to Synapse Link. Really?SQLBits 2023

Let's take a look at Synapse Link - it's capabilities and restrictions! Synapse Link is Microsoft's new solution to push your OLTP data in near-real time to Azure Synapse for analytical purposes.

Keynote by The CommunitySQLBits 2023

Ben and Rob have found some wonderful folk to actually do the important parts of the community keynote. on the theme of How to be a nonpassive member of the data community

Why is understanding Kubernetes important for your career as a Data Professional?SQLBits 2022

A panel discussion on why both - admins and developers - should understand the impacts and benefits of containerized applications.

Azure Arc-enabled SQL MI – More than just another kind of SQL ServerSQLBits 2022

Join us, as we explore the capabilities of Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instances.

(Almost) all about Azure Arc - in 20 MinutesSQLBits 2022

Join me on a journey through the different offerings in Azure Arc and how they can benefit you as a data professional!

SQL Server Big Data Clusters: The Full StorySQLBits 2020

A complete overview about SQL Server Big Data Clusters including it's major components and use-cases!

The Self-Tuning SSIS PackageSQLBits 2019

This session is about using the Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml) to monitor and control your orchestration patterns. By automatically analyzing the results in ETL logs, we’ll be able to automate our staging orchestration!