Jennifer Stirrup

Jen Stirrup is a well-known Business Intelligence and Data Visualization expert, author, data strategist, and community advocate. Jen has featured as a role model MVP by the Microsoft MVP Program, featured on a dedicated page of the MVP website, and she is also a Microsoft Regional Director. 

Jen has been recently named as one of the top ten most influential Business Intelligence female experts in the world by Solutions Review, and often appears on 'top influencer' lists such as Top 10 Analytics Influencer 2018 and again as a Top Analytics Influencer 2019  along with other accolades such as Top 17 Influencers in Big Data and AnalyticsTop ‘Badass’ Women working in Data (rather mysteriously, I might add!) 10 Female Influencers You Should Follow, and Top 20 women working wonders in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Big Data

As a community advocate, Jen has served on the PASS Board for four years, and is now a Microsoft Regional Director. Jen is now focusing on a Diversity Charter to expand the reach and effectiveness of the tech community for a diverse audience.

As the sole owner of a boutique Data Science and Business Intelligence consultancy, Jen has delivered varied projects which including leading organisations such as the NHS Trusts and private companies to the cloud. Jen has spearheaded a Data Science Program from soup-to-nuts for a Government department in Ireland. She is currently taking a well-known large enterprise of over 20K to the cloud and leading a Data Science program. One of Jen's projects featured on the BBC website as leading an NHS project, taking data to the Azure cloud

Since 1997, Jen has taught at public and private events worldwide, including conferences in India, Dubai, Singapore, the United States, UK and mainland Europe. Jen has delivered keynotes to thousands of people in one go, such as ESPC where she presented a keynote to over four thousand people. Jen was honoured with her career highlight in delivering a demo as part of the PASS 2016 keynote with Joseph Sirosh, in front of an audience of over six thousand people in person, and even more thousands live online. Jen has also appeared on the BBC current affairs program as a data expert reaching an audience of 2 million live, and then another 9 million people through the BBC's iPlayer technology.

Despite this frenetic activity, Jen still finds time, and loses sleep, over doing her MBA at the Robert Kennedy College in Zurich, Switzerland. Jen acts as a trusted advisor for many large, well-known household names as she seeks to make data work for people and companies so that they can obtain business value from their data.

When Jen is not working, she is often to be found walking Archie and Nimbus, her Coton de Tuléar dogs whilst listening to audiobooks in an effort to spend more time reading.

Jennifer Stirrup's Sessions

The Five Cs of Artificial Intelligence for BusinessesSQLBits 2019

Organisations need to know how to get started with Artificial Intelligence. This practical session offers organizations, small and large, with a helping hand in practical advice and demos using Microsoft Azure with Open Source technologies.

Advanced Techniques for Cleaning Data using SQL Server 2017SQLBits 2018

If your organisation doesn't have dirty data, it's because you are not looking hard enough. Join this session to see what you can do to clean up your data properly, using SQL Server 2017.

Digital Transformation using Power BI for your CEOSQLBits 2017

Make the right career move impressing your CEO and C-Level suite executives! Meet their specific needs with the right metrics and data visualisation. Power BI can help to bring clarity & predictability to the CEO to make strategic decisions.

Python and R for SQL and Business Intelligence ProfessionalsSQLBits 2015

When it comes to analyzing data, the R statistical language come readily to mind. Python is yet another one of your secret power tool for SQL Server, data analysis and business intelligence. In this session, we will look at both Python and R.

Eye Vegetables and Eye Candy: How to Visualise your DataSQLBits 2015

What's your data visualization vegetables, and what's your candy? This session will look at data visualization theory and practice.

A One Hour Data Analysts Toolkit: using R and PowerBISQLBits 2014

In this intensive one hour session, learn how to analyse and visualise your data using the Data Analysts Toolkit - Microsoft Power BI complemented with R

Advanced Data Visualisation in Reporting Services 2012SQLBits 2013

Come to this session to pick up some tips and tricks for advanced reporting writing, that is also in accordance with thinking by Data Visualisation gurus such as Stephen Few and Edward Tufte.

Data Visualisation using SSRS: Euclid's Royal Road to the numbersSQLBits 2011

Using technical demonstrations in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, this presentation will focus on the practical implementation of data visualisation, along with cognitive science principles supporting data visualisations.

iPad and Powerpivot-Mobile Business Intelligence in actionSQLBits 2011

The Apple iPad's cutting edge usability, along with PowerPivot’s accessibility, can be combined to enhance productivity for mobile business users. Come to this session, and learn about mobilising BI for the iPad generation of end users.

Alice's Adventures in Reporting ServicesSQLBits 2010

The target audience is anyone who feels, where reporting is concerned, that they are running on the spot in the Red Queen's Race! Please join me to learn more about the processes involved in designing, displaying and producing reports effectively, using SSRS.