Wolfgang Strasser

Wolfgang Strasser creates solutions based on the Microsoft Data Platform tools in his day-to-day job as Business Intelligence consultant. Either using SQL Server Database Engine, SSIS, reporting with SSAS and SSRS, implementing Power BI solutions or cloud tools for data analysis - the data-tools-landscape is broadening every day! Based on his professional careers as a software developer he likes to work on structured development processes. Wolfgang shares his knowledge with the community at many national and international events. For his community work, Wolfgang has been awarded with the Microsoft MVP Award for Data Platform in October 2015.

Wolfgang Strasser's Sessions

The Top 5 Must-Cares for On-Boarding New Team MembersSQLBits 2023

Technical on-boarding of new team members is one thing, integrating the person and its personality in the team is much more important! Join this session if you want to hear about our team on-boarding process, the prearrangements before the new colleague arrives, the welcome experience (we have cake for everyone) and how we try to make the start into our team a very good experience for everyone.

Data Governance with Azure Purview - Ask the ExpertsSQLBits 2022

Join us for an hour to examine data governance for business and how it can benefit you.

Data Governance with Azure Purview - Theory, Customer Insights and DemosSQLBits 2022

This data governance session guides you through the organization processes, policies and roles that are required for a successful data governance adoption. In addition to demos showing the possibilities of Azure Purview (the MS data governance service), we will share about experiences from our data governance workshops and adoption projects with our customers.

Why you should care about Data Community and how the community cares about youSQLBits 2022

Join me in this session to talk about WHY you should care about the Data Community and HOW every side of the relationship (the community and you) gets the best out of it.

The Microsoft Power Platform-What is it?SQLBits 2019

Building solutions based on powerful platforms is a key requirement for success. Join this session to see the PowerPlatform and its members (PowerApps, Power BI and Microsoft Flow) in action and how they can improve your daily work.