Jess Pomfret

Jess Pomfret is a Data Platform Engineer and a Microsoft MVP. She started working with SQL Server in 2011, and enjoys the problem-solving aspects of performance tuning and automating processes with PowerShell. She also enjoys contributing to dbatools and dbachecks, two open source PowerShell modules that aid DBAs with automating the management of SQL Server instances. She has also contributed to the SqlServerDsc module, adding several new resources to use when configuring your SQL Servers. She grew up in the South West of England and outside of her DBA life enjoys Crossfit, cycling and watching proper football.

Jess Pomfret's Sessions

I'm here, I'm queer ( Why Representation Matters)SQLBits 2023

In this 20 minute session we’ll talk about why it matters that ‘I’m here and I’m Queer’. Representation, both at conferences and in the media, is so important not just for us now, but also for the future generations. If you want to know why all this DEI stuff matters, why we need to keep striving to diversify the attendees and speakers at our conferences and events, then this session is for you.

SQL Server 2022 migrations with dbatoolsSQLBits 2023

Using dbatools we'll migrate our databases to a shiny new SQL Server 2022 instance.

Keynote by The CommunitySQLBits 2023

Ben and Rob have found some wonderful folk to actually do the important parts of the community keynote. on the theme of How to be a nonpassive member of the data community

Introduction to PowerShellSQLBits 2022

Everything you need to get started with PowerShell.

Migrate databases easily with dbatoolsSQLBits 2022

Quickly and easily migrate databases and associated logins using dbatools.

Life Hacks: dbatools editionSQLBits 2020

dbatools is an open source PowerShell module. This session will walk through several life hacks that you can take back to work and quickly implement to make your life easier and impress your friends.

Install & Configure SQL Server with PowerShell DSCSQLBits 2020

Using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) we'll install and configure a SQL Server instance in under 5 mins.