Mark Hayes

Hi There, I have worked with Microsoft data technologies since SQL Server 7.0. Initially, I was a VB developer, but in 2000 I pivoted into a data role and since then I have worked on hundreds of projects using combinations of MS SQL DB Engine, Analysis Services, SSIS, SSRS, PowerBI, Tabular, Power Automate, Power Apps, and more. I have run my own consultancy company since 2012 and have a range of clients from just a few users to 5000+ users, across retail, automotive, public sector, and food production. I now split my time between -> Client Consultancy Engagements -> Client Data Solution Development Skills -> Training - Private and Public I am a regular speaker on Microsoft Data Platform topics and co-leader of the Cork SQL User Group, Cork PowerBI User Group, and Data Céilí. All of my talks and training courses are heavily influenced by real work problems and solutions that I encounter on a daily basis.

Mark Hayes's Sessions

"Beyond the barchart". Some top picks from "Get More Visuals" to enhance your reportsSQLBits 2023

PowerBI has 37 visuals available to you. However, just a few clicks away, there are 200+ visuals just waiting to enhance your reports. Join me as I give you a quick tour of what is available. From awesome to downright quirky.

0 to an fully functional teams bot in 20 minutes!SQLBits 2022

0 to an fully functional teams bot in 20 minutes!

Rebooting your SME Data Analysis StrategySQLBits 2020

A review of how the Power Platform can be adopted by an organization to successfully meet their data needs. Based on real-world implementations with customers.

Migrating my favorite past project from On Premise to AzureSQLBits 2020

A few years ago I had a client with a data need and I built an IaaS solution. Now, it would have been an ideal fit for a PaaS approach using Azure DB, Stream Analytics and Power BI. This session demos and explains why.