Microsoft's Sessions

SQL Leadership Q&ASQLBits 2019

The Microsoft SQL Server leadership team present an interactive Q&A session

Data Never RestsSQLBits 2019

Join the Microsoft Data Platform Product group, from engineers to data scientists and lean about the data platform evolution, and the skills you need to know to stay current. Full of demos and information, this fast-moving story will get you ready for another SQLBits conference

Build hybrid data platform with Azure SQL Database and SQL ServerSQLBits 2019

This session presents how to migrate, replicate, and synchronize data between SQL Server, SQL VM, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, across on-premises, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud platforms to build a real hybrid data platform. We introduce our current technology choices, deep dive in customer scenarios, and use cases, and share product roadmap.

Modernize on-prem SQL Servers to Azure using Azure Database Migration ServiceSQLBits 2019

SQL Server 2008/R2 is soon reaching end of support. We'll take a look at the migration life cycle and show you how easy it is to migrate SQL Server instances to Azure with near-zero downtime by using the Azure Database Migration Service and related tools. We'll also give you a deep dive how to perform scale migrations using our CLI components

Modernizing and running enterprise workloads in Azure Database for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDBSQLBits 2019

Modernizing is often a loaded term in a software application setting. In this session, we will break down what are the options of modernizing an existing application, what are the benefit of moving applications to managed Azure Open Source Database platform and what are the best practices and gotcha(s) that you need to look out during data migration.

Microsoft SQL Server Engine team unplugged (Q&A)SQLBits 2015

This session is your opportunity to ask the people who know, the questions you want to ask. This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

SQL 14 In-memory OLTP : Architecture to ImplementationSQLBits 2014

What is In-Memory OLTP? How is it architected? Where can I use in-memory technology in my solutions? Learn this and more from the Microsoft team

Microsofts big data strategy : Enhancements & ScenariosSQLBits 2014

Firstly we will show off Microsoft's enhancements to the Hadoop open source stack with HDInsight showing you how easy it is to get started with Hadoop. Secondly we'll explore an interesting big data use case

SQL Azure for the DBASQLBits 2013

In this session we are going to look at the some of the flavours of SQL in Azure, namely Windows Azure Database and SQL on IaaS. We will discuss the differences between them, look at what this means from a DBA stand point

Always ON Overview & Field ExperienceSQLBits 2013

The introduction of Availability Groups in SQL Server 2012 and the flexibility this gives administrators is truly awesome. In these session we will cover what Availability Groups bring to the table