Syangprova Sinha

My Name is Syangprova, aka Swayam. I have recently joined Microsoft as Program manager with Power BI Customer Advisory Team. I have more than 13 years of experience working with MS business Intelligence suite mostly working with database migration projects. Prior to MS I was one of the leads with Power BI Center of excellence team in a MNC which had one of the largest implementations of Power BI platform. There, I was involved in setting up the Power BI CoE & adoption program globally. I consider myself Power BI adoption evangelist, which means I have the privilege of helping people learn how to use technology to transform their professional lives. During my time in my previous organization, I have seen first-hand how a technology like Power BI can revolutionize an organization's way of looking into data. With my current role, I'm excited to continue the same journey on a larger scale as I help organization's & its people on their own tech journey!