Muazma Zahid

Muazma Zahid is a Data and AI leader working as Principal PM Manager at Microsoft Azure, where she enables customers to deploy the most demanding Data workloads on Azure. She has been a Data Engineer/Architect and Tech Speaker working on several Big Data, Cloud Computing, and AI Technologies. She is a LinkedIn Learning instructor with her course Breaking Bias in Tech and her ML research software is used in EKG machines all around the world. Muazma is an advocate of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She is Women @ Microsoft ERG co-chair and leads various community building and DE&I initiatives both at work and outside of Microsoft such as Seattle Chapter Lead for Connect with Muazma at:

Muazma Zahid's Sessions

SQLBits 2024 Opening KeynoteSQLBits 2024

The Opening Keynote

SQL DB: a developer's catalystSQLBits 2024

Let's discuss the new feature added for support developers in their day-to-day work: we'll go over what we released recently, what is in the work and what is planned. From the new JSON Data Type, T-SQL string operations, Data API builder, External REST calls, Change Data Capture, AI capabilities and more. We'll discuss where the development space is going and what we should to do support the evolution of development and developers into whatever the future holds. If you are a data developer, make sure to come to this session!

Building AI ready applicationsSQLBits 2024

In this session, we’ll explore the development of AI-ready applications using Azure SQL DB, open-source platforms and Azure AI services. We’ll cover the principles of modern application design, delve into the vector capabilities that enhance application performance, and demonstrate how to interact with your data conversationally. This session is a must for those looking to leverage Azure for building intelligent, data-driven applications.

The Microsoft Data Leadership PanelSQLBits 2024


Meet the PG: SQL LeadershipSQLBits 2024

Come meet the leadership team for all things SQL Server & Azure SQL. Introduce yourself and ask questions - including Asad Khan, Sanjay Mishra, Muazma Zahid, Ajay Jagannathan, Joe Sack, Tejas Shah, Dhananjay Mahajan, Buck Woody, and more.

Meet the PG: DevelopersSQLBits 2024

Come meet some of the team for all things SQL Developers. Questions and comments welcome, please stop by and let us know what has and hasn't worked well for you recently.