Huxley Kendell

I joined Redgate in June of 2022, having studied both Computer Science and Cloud Computing as a Masters Degree. Specialising in Database Automation, My job is to bring expertise in implementing CI/CD DevOps practices, demonstrate solutions and products to customers and deliver internal and external presentations around DevOps. I regularly attend conferences where I lead conversations, speak and deliver to large groups of customers, including PASS Summit, Data Saturdays and SQL bits. I also delivered a speaker session at Redgates Level Up: Tech. I have a deep passion for DevOps, and love travelling and speaking to new people and topic leaders. I regularly run sessions with large clients for Redgate, either called DevOps In a Day or Level Up With Flyway, where I speak and demo technical demonstrations around Database DevOps. I have also, recently lead the rollout of the new Flyway AutoPilot Project for Redgate! All of my experience, and large customer interactions I channel into my DevOps based Blog / Website, including code repository to help anyone who wants to replicate my work. Found below: