Reitse Eskens

Reitse began his computer days with GW Basic and quickly followed with Windows 3.11. After that many computers followed and, interrupted by human resource and psychology studies, he got into the IT work field around 2007. There he met Oracle 9. With a command line from 1980. At his current job he met SQL Server. And loved it. Now he’s working with SQL 2008 to SQL 2019 on-premises and a number of Azure SQL Databases, supporting customers and tuning databases. New projects focus more on the Azure data platform as an architect, security advisor and data engineer.

Reitse Eskens's Sessions

Infra as code, control it from the tower.SQLBits 2024

This session covers deploying an Azure data solution with Infrastructure as Code with emphasis on security but also ease of maintenance. Besides slides it also offers a demo and the code is on offer for download to give you, the delegate, a head start.

Load Testing Fabric - What is our hold capacity? SQLBits 2024

This session covers how to test Fabric for larger workloads. The default demo data is usually relatively small whereas a lot of companies process a lot more. This session aims at those use cases where a large dataset needs to be processed. The session goes from data ingestion to data presentation with PowerBI.