Denzil Ribeiro

Denzil Ribeiro is a Principal Program Manager in the Azure Data SQL Server team. He is a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) and has spent the last couple decades in Microsoft architecting highly scalable data pipelines for Tier 1 customers. Prior to this, he was part of the Azure Customer Advisory/ SQLCAT team and prior to that worked in services as a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft’s largest customers.

Denzil Ribeiro's Sessions

Build & scale applications with Azure SQL HyperscaleSQLBits 2023

Learn how hyperscale can accommodate applications to scale from the very small applications to large scaled out ones with options from provisioned to serverless. This cloud native multi-modal database can meet all modern application needs in the cloud whether security, resiliency, availability or performance.

Building SaaS solutions on Azure SQL DatabaseSQLBits 2023

Azure SQL Database is powering some of the largest SaaS solutions on the planet sporting millions of tenants. It does that through a combination of multiple multi-tenancy models that support different requirements and use cases. from few users to millions. In this session, we'll dig deeper into some examples of real-world architectures implemented by 1st party and 3rd party solution providers like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and others, and see how these can be applied to your own scenarios.

AMA with the Microsoft Engineering team hosted by Bob WardSQLBits 2022

Come get your questions answered live on stage by members of the Microsoft engineering team. This will be a fun and interactive session hosted by Bob Ward. We will take questions live from the audience plus those who are connected virtually.

Mitigate performance problems using Query Store hintsSQLBits 2022

Query store hints enables changing query plan shapes without modifying application code. We will look at a few poor performance scenarios and use query store hints to improve performance of the application. Become an instant hero  having query store hints in your toolkit.

Azure SQL Hyperscale Deep DiveSQLBits 2020

We will deep dive into the architecture of Hyperscale and its various components. We will dive into scaling aspects and the new application patterns it enables and also diagnostics that enable bottleneck identification.

Optimizing your Azure SQL Database workloadsSQLBits 2020

In this session we will demonstrate a few workload patterns on Azure SQL Database and discuss how to identify and remove bottlenecks in order to scale those applications.