Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Cathrine loves data and coding, as well as teaching and sharing knowledge 🤓 She is based in Norway and works as a Data & Analytics Lead Consultant in Evidi, focusing on Data Integration and Data Warehousing. Her core skills are Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft Fabric, Azure SQL, SQL Server and T-SQL development, but she enjoys everything from programming to data visualization. Outside of work she’s active in the Azure and Microsoft Data communities as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, international speaker, blogger, organizer, and chronic volunteer. She blogs at and tweets at @cathrinew.

Cathrine Wilhelmsen's Sessions

"I can't keep up!" - Turning Discomfort into Personal Growth in a Fast-Paced WorldSQLBits 2023

Are you struggling to keep up with all the latest product changes and new technologies? Awesome! That means you have ambitions. You can do anything if you set your mind to it. It just might not be easy. Are you ready to turn your "I can't keep up" into "I can't believe I did all of that in just one year"?

Stressed, Depressed, or Burned Out? The Warning Signs You Shouldn't IgnoreSQLBits 2023

Stress barges through your door and yells "hey, it's me!", while depression and burnout silently sneak in and gradually make adjustments until one day you turn around and realize that you no longer recognize your house. What are the warning signs you need to be aware of in yourself or your loved ones?

6 Tips for Building Confidence as a Public SpeakerSQLBits 2022

In this session, I share the top tips I have learned over the years. All it takes is a little preparation and practice.

Lessons Learned: Implementing Azure Synapse Analytics in a Rapidly-Changing StartupSQLBits 2022

What happens when you mix one rapidly-changing startup, one data analyst, one data engineer, and one hypothesis that Azure Synapse Analytics could be the right tool of choice?

Biml Tips and Tricks: Not just for SSIS packages!SQLBits 2019

Biml is not just for generating SSIS packages! Come and see how you can use Biml to save time and speed up other Data Warehouse development tasks like T-SQL development, test data creation, and dimension population.

Level Up Your Biml: Best Practices and Coding TechniquesSQLBits 2018

Attend this session for an overview of Biml best practices and coding techniques. Learn how to centralize and reuse code, simplify logic, and create your own C# classes and methods. Improve your code and level up your Biml in no time!

Tools and Tips: From accidental to efficient DWH developerSQLBits 2015

As data warehouse developers we deliver data to business users... but we don't deliver data as fast as we want. There are many things you can do to increase your own productivity and become a more efficient data warehouse developer.