Renato Lira

Renato is a data analyst based in Brazil that is fascinated with DAX and M.

Renato Lira's Sessions

How to handle Blanks and Nulls in Power BISQLBits 2024

This session delves into managing missing data in Power BI, starting with the challenges posed by null values in Power Query and progressing to the concept of blank propagation in DAX, which is crucial for engine optimization. It will cover strategies for handling null values, understanding the impact of blanks in DAX expressions, and addressing blanks arising from referential integrity issues. Participants will learn to adeptly navigate and resolve issues related to missing values in Power BI.

Demystifying Power BI Variables: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding DAX and M VariablesSQLBits 2024

This session is a deep dive into the use of variables within DAX and Power Query M for developing complex logic in Power BI solutions. It begins with an exploration of the Queries pane as the base for variable creation in M, using the "let" and "in" operators, then examines the use of both global and local variables in DAX, emphasizing their nature as constants. Common use cases and potential pitfalls will be discussed, along with the concept of precedence in variable usage across multiple scopes. Attendees will gain a nuanced understanding of variable application in the two main engines of Power BI.

DAX Visual Calculations: What You Need to KnowSQLBits 2024

Join us for a deep dive into DAX Visuals Calculations. Learn why "Regular DAX" struggles with basic calculations like running sum or moving average and everything you should know to take advantage of visual calcs.

CALCULATE evaluation orderSQLBits 2023

In this session I’ll show you a practical, visual and less verbose steps that are performed to evaluate the CALCULATE expression that has multiple filters/modifiers.