Joe Sack

Joe Sack is a Principal Product Manager at Microsoft in the Azure SQL database team. With over two decades in the database industry, Joe brings a wealth of experience in Azure SQL and SQL Server. His most recent work involves integrating AI and natural language processing to improve database management, drawing on his background in software development, product management, and technical consulting.

Joe Sack's Sessions

Welcome to the world of SQL CopilotsSQLBits 2024

Microsoft is building a new experience of an AI companions called Copilot that are transforming how people work, write code, and solve problems faster. In this session come learn the latest innovations in SQL Copilot technology including GitHub Copilots for developing code and assisting with the T-SQL language. In addition you will get the latest look at Copilot technology to assist you in using and managing SQL in Azure. We will have plenty of demos in this session so come in and get ready to learn the new world of AI companions with SQL.

Making the SQL Query Processor Work for youSQLBits 2024