Chris Murray

Chris Murray, Chief Information Security Officer at Simpsons Associates, brings over 15 years of experience to the table. As CISO, he spearheads internal security and leads a team delivering comprehensive Infrastructure and Security solutions to diverse clients across industries. Chris is a recognised leader in the cybersecurity space. Prior to Simpsons Associates, he co-founded Bleam Cyber Security, a Yorkshire-based consultancy renowned for its expertise in helping businesses navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation are evident in his dedication to developing cutting-edge security solutions for today's complex challenges.

Chris Murray's Sessions

Defending the Cloud: Securing Your Microsoft Data WorkloadsSQLBits 2024

Are you concerned about the security of your Microsoft cloud-based data workloads, including those within Microsoft Fabric? Join us for an action-packed webinar at SQL Bits where Chris Murray, Chief Information Security Officer and Will Rathbone, Practice Manager at Simpsons Associates, dive deep into the threats, risks, and best practices for safeguarding your data across environments. Plus, view a Live Hacking as Chris Murray targets cloud resources. Why attend? - Stay ahead of the curve: Gain valuable knowledge to proactively address growing cloud security challenges. - Protect your assets: Learn actionable strategies to mitigate risks and safeguard your critical data. - Make informed decisions: Understand the security implications of different cloud deployments. - Engage with an expert: Get your questions answered by a leading cloud security professional. Don't miss this captivating session! Register now and join us for a journey into the thrilling world of cloud data security.