Helping at SQLBits allows individuals to immerse themselves in the world of data and technology while making a positive impact on the community.

As a helper, you become an integral part of a team that orchestrates one of the largest data platform conferences in the world. From assisting with event logistics and registration to engaging with industry experts and attendees, every moment spent volunteering at SQLBits is an opportunity to learn, network, and contribute.

What to expect

“I learned so much, met old friends, made new friends, had so much fun, enjoyed every moment and now I can’t wait for the next SQLBits.”

Catherine Wilhemsen
  • As a helper you will be moderating sessions and generally helping attendees get to where they need to go.
  • You might also be asked to help with handing out swag or other duties as the need arises.
  • You will need to attend briefings before the start of the day and be present for the whole day for the days you’re volunteering.
  • You will receive entry to SQLBits for the days you attend free of charge and be part of a growing fun and supportive team. We try to assign you sessions that you really want to see, and you can attend any other sessions during your free time.
  • We welcome everyone who wants to be a helper. It can be an active role and will involve moving around the venue. We already have wheelchair using and less able bodied helpers who contribute equally with a little planning. The role will also involve talking to a lot of people, about many things. We will support you to be a helper in any way possible.
  • We also have an onsite psychologist to support people who have any form of mental health issues such as anxiety, to feel as comfortable as we possibly can.
  • We reward helpers who come back year after year with opportunities to attend training days. These aren’t guaranteed but we try to give everyone the opportunity to get more out of SQLBits the more they put in.
  • We will reach out via email once the event is live and ask for your preferred volunteering days. Once the schedule is announced you’ll be asked to choose which sessions you prefer to moderate. We’ll run some calls in the weeks prior to the event to allow you to ask any questions and provide you with all the information you need.

Meet Steph

If you do become a SQLBits helper, Steph Martin will be your go-to, before, during, and after the event. Read the news story to find out more.

Steph Martin Joins SQLBits Committee for 2024

We’re delighted to welcome longstanding helper Steph Martin to the SQLBits Committee for 2024, joining founders Simon Sabin and Darren Green and board members Annette and Jonathan Allen, Alex Whittles and Rob and Traci Sewell. “Mentally exhausting but without fail, when you reach the end of it, I don’t want to have to wait a […]

Bits Buddies

The Bits Buddies are a group of helpers who are primarily focused on providing companionship and support to any SQLBits delegates who would like it. This is often, but not always, new and solo visitors. This volunteer position will suit you if you like chatting with people and have some previous knowledge of volunteering at SQLBits. Buddies are distinguishable from other helpers by their armbands and tend to be stationed on the main expo floor.

Meet the Buddies.

Handing out and holding up SQLBits Tote Bags

Hear from the helpers.

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