James McGillivray

James McGillivray, Data Management and Analytics MCSE, has been working in Business Intelligence for over a decade. He spends his working hours building solutions that allow people to make informed decisions. quickly and accurately. He is a Director at South African Data Consultancy, Cobalt Analytics. Before his career in data, James was an avid musical theatre student and musician. This love for performance has developed into a passion for developing and delivering presentations that are informative and enjoyable. James speaks frequently at Data Community Events, and has presented at some of the most well-known Data Events around the globe, including PASS Summit, SQL Bits and the Power BI World Tour.

James McGillivray's Sessions

5 Things You Can Do to build better looking reportsSQLBits 2023

Power BI Design is a lot like an art form, a mythical beast to many IT professionals. We’re generally inclined to think very analytically about our jobs, and creativity does not always come naturally. Thankfully, there are some patterns we can apply to design reports which are clean, uncluttered, and user friendly. Learn the science behind design, and a series of logical steps to follow to ensure that your reports always meet the mark.

The Fundamentals of DAX ContextsSQLBits 2022

Understanding how DAX determines evaluation context is a critical skill for a Power BI Developer. Writing anything other than the most simple measures requires this skill. In this session we'll explore Filter Context and Row Context individually, and how they combine to form Evaluation Context. We'll have a look at a number of simple measures and visualise how the context affects them.

"Whats in a Name?", Data Stories to Impress the BardSQLBits 2020

Data on its own is useful, but boring. Data in story form makes people sit up and take notice. Learn to craft effective stories and maximise the impact of your data communication.

Power BI Report Design for the Aesthetically ChallengedSQLBits 2019

Have you ever looked at other people's Power BI reports, and wondered how they look so good? Designing an aesthetically pleasing report does not require a graphic designer, just the lessons you'll take away from this session.