Surbhi Pokharna

Surbhi is a data professional with over two decades of architectural/administration experience in the financial domain. Architecting the operationalization aspect in a client-facing role, delivering relational and advanced analytics solutions for large scale Operational and Data Warehouse implementations with focus on learning and innovation remained a constant part of her data journey. Currently she is leading enterprise scale cloud data migrations in SQL Server/Snowflake/Azure SQL/Managed Instance and involved with designing next generation Data Analytics solutions using Snowflake. Surbhi is board member of the New England SQL Server User Group, member of PASS, speaker in PAAS Summit/Snowflake User Group/Azure Data User Groups/Data Saturdays/SQLBits.

Surbhi Pokharna's Sessions

Snowflake concepts & architectureSQLBits 2024

Cloud databases bring a new set of performance and cost benefits. In this session, we’ll learn Snowflake architecture and basic concepts, what makes Snowflake ideal for large-scale data warehousing. We’ll begin with the concepts of PaaS and how that applies to databases in particular. We’ll see how Snowflake’s design allows for high performance at low cost. We will also talk about what makes Snowflake unique compared to other cloud databases. Each step of the way we will have demos to show you how to implement Snowflake in Azure cloud. By the end of this session, you’ll be able to compare Snowflake to other tools like SQL Server and have a good idea about concepts and architecture of the Snowflake ecosystem.

Applying a Security Mindset to Lockdown Azure SQL DatabaseSQLBits 2022

I will show you demos for how to implement each layer of defense. This way, if one layer is breached, you aren’t left defenseless. We will start at the outer layer with network access. Next, we will cover the authentication and authorization using Azure RBAC. Finally, we will protect the innermost layer with Data At Rest and Data In Transit encryption. Once these protections are in place, we’ll see how to monitor Azure SQL security ecosystem for intrusions with Advanced threat protection.

Different dimensions of monitoring and tuning performance for Azure SQLSQLBits 2022

Azure SQL performance capabilities, how to configure and maintain your Azure SQL for higher performance. We will explore various monitoring tools and pick few scenarios for deeper troubleshooting. In this demo centric session, we will tune our database and find an optimal ground to manage cost. We will generate Power BI powered database score card for trend analysis.