Deepthi Goguri

Deepthi is a SQL Server Database Administrator with several years of experience in Administering SQL Servers. She is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Microsoft certified trainer and Microsoft certified professional with an Associate and Expert level Certification on Data Management and Analytics. Deepthi blogs for Deepthi is an Co-Organizer for Microsoft Data and AI South Florida user group and Data Platform Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Virtual Group. She is a Volunteer for Data platform Women in Technology user group. She is a Friend of Redgate. Along with this, Deepthi loves arts and crafts. You can contact her on Twitter @dbanuggets.

Deepthi Goguri's Sessions

A to Z Azure SQL Security ConceptsSQLBits 2023

Planning to move your databases to the cloud but seriously doubt if your data is 100% secure? No matter if you are on-prem or in the cloud, making sure your data is protected in every angle possible is the most crucial and important step in building a secure data tier of an application. Let's dedicate this session to knowing the different multi-layer defense-in-depth security techniques and strategies available to armor your Azure SQL database. let's dive deep into each of these layers starting with the network security, Azure role-based access control (RBAC), data security at the row level, auditing, advanced threat protection, different layers of encryption, monitoring, and more. By the end of this session, you will have the knowledge to make the right security decisions for your environments and implement these techniques in securing your data. 

Can an Introvert become an International Speaker? If so, How?SQLBits 2023

Are you a data professional and would like to share your learnings with others but are scared to speak in public? Are you an Introvert and are comfortable in your own space but also wanted to make an impact in this world? Is something inside you pulling you back from taking the action on your dream? Meet the two data platform speakers who started their speaking journey from the same exact situation but now sharing their learnings across the world helping other data professionals in their journey. How did they actually begin, what challenges did they go through and who helped them along the way? As they speak about their incredible journey, they will share some key details in becoming a speaker, the advantages, steps to improve data skills and develop careers along the way so the audience can carry the knowledge as they take their first steps in becoming one.

Different dimensions of monitoring and tuning performance for Azure SQLSQLBits 2022

Azure SQL performance capabilities, how to configure and maintain your Azure SQL for higher performance. We will explore various monitoring tools and pick few scenarios for deeper troubleshooting. In this demo centric session, we will tune our database and find an optimal ground to manage cost. We will generate Power BI powered database score card for trend analysis.

Troubleshoot and Triage Like a ProSQLBits 2022

Let us walk you through our steps to triage and troubleshoot issues as they come in to make sure things get fixed in the right order at the right time and we all stay sane.