Davide Mauri

Azure Data Platform MVP for 12 years in a row, now Product Manager in Azure SQL team, focusing on developer experience. Developer at heart, heavy metal lover; once a biker, now waiting for kids to grow old to start to travel the world again.

Davide Mauri's Sessions

The 10 things every developer must absolutely know about Azure SQLSQLBits 2023

The engine powering Azure SQL and SQL Server databases has been around for 30 years and has evolved a lot during that time. In this session we'll see many of this "little" but yet incredibly useful features and knowledge bits, with a lot of demos and a lot of lateral thinking.

My application is fully concurrent and async. What about the database?SQLBits 2023

Let's look at how concurrency works inside the database. If you want to create a truly scalable solution, this knowledge is needed as much as knowledge about threads and synchronization mechanisms in your favorite language.

Jamstack Foundations: Building Scalable API from the Ground UpSQLBits 2022

In this session, we'll see an end-to-end demo of how we can build a Jamstack site in Azure, using Azure Static Web Apps and Azure Functions, and taking advantage of well-known and less known features of Azure SQL that will make you – the developer – productive and efficient as never before. From Graph Models to JSON, from REST to GraphQL, this code-heavy demo packed session will show all you need to build end-to-end modern, scalable, solutions. CI/CD included.

Practical Azure SQL for the Modern DeveloperSQLBits 2020

Come learn how to take advantage of everything Azure SQL can offer to a developer

Temporal Snapshot Fact TableSQLBits 2012

Snapshots without snapshots...is that possible? Take a "Classic" snapshot fact table, add some temporal data theory and you'll get a new fact table than can store snapshot data without doing snapshots. A life saver when you have a lot of data.