Niko Neugebauer

A Senior Program Manager for SQLMI at Microsoft, in his previous roles for over 20 years he helped customers successfully build, migrate and optimize Microsoft Data solutions in OLTP & OLAP markets. A community leader, he is leading Portuguese Data Platform User Group for over 11 years and he organized the first international SQLSaturday (#78 Lisbon). A regular speaker at major events, such as SQLBits, PASS Summit, etc.

Niko Neugebauer's Sessions

Azure SQL MI & Fabric Fusion: A speed-sessionSQLBits 2024

We'll take the flight showcasing how data housed in Azure SQL Managed Instance can be dynamically exposed and utilized through Microsoft Fabric. This session will demonstrate the seamless altitude transition from the operational data platform of Azure SQL MI to the analytical skies of Microsoft Fabric, ensuring a smooth integration that leverages the best of both worlds for your business needs. Pilots of data – ready your instruments for this quick cruise that will equip you with the navigational know-how to soar above the rest, utilizing Azure SQL MI and Microsoft Fabric in tandem. Fasten your seatbelts; we're cleared for takeoff into the realm where data agility meets cloud efficiency.

Azure SQL Managed Instance Deep Dive by Microsoft Product GroupSQLBits 2024

Join us for a comprehensive session on Azure SQL Managed Instance. Covering all product areas, from HADR to SQL features, this session is ideal for professionals of any company size. Presented by the product group, you’ll gain insights directly from the team defining the product. Leave with a deeper understanding and actionable insights for your work.

Fly at Mach-speed with Azure SQL Managed InstanceSQLBits 2024

Discover the future of SQL Managed Instance in our session! Learn about best-in-class storage tech and new capabilities for the unmatched price/performance and scalability.

Discover what's new in Azure SQL Managed Instance through an exciting Demo Party!SQLBits 2024

Let us review the latest and the greatest investment that Microsoft has made into the Azure SQL Managed Instance, the product that serve as the best target for the existing SQL Server migration into Azure PaaS. 

Advancing the DBA's Role in the Cloud: In the Cockpit of Azure SQL Managed InstanceSQLBits 2024

Join us to learn how DBA role has evolved from on-premises SQL Server DBA to Azure SQL DBA and what does it mean to you. You will learn how existing on-premises DBA responsibilities map to new DBA role in Azure, what are the new shared responsibilities in Azure, and opportunities for skill development helping you become Azure SQL DBA superstar.

Meet the PG: Azure SQL Managed InstanceSQLBits 2024

Come and meet the Product team for Azure SQL Managed Instance. Discover & discuss the newest additions to the platform, get your questions answered and let us know what Azure SQL MI is missing to enable your business to achieve more.

Ask the Expert - Group A (Sat, 9:00 to 9:50)SQLBits 2024

Come and see to some of our amazing speakers on one of these topics: 1. SQL and Databases: 2. Microsoft Fabric and Related Technologies: 3. Power BI and Data Visualization: 4. Azure and Cloud Technologies:

Azure SQL MI End-to-end Demo Party for DBAs and DevsSQLBits 2023

Join us for a pure, demo-driven journey of a dozen incredible features for Azure SQL Managed Instance showing you the greatest and latest innovations enabling Database Administrators and Developers to achieve more. Whether you’re a DBA, Azure Administrator, Developer, Business Intelligence developer, or of course any other data professional, these demos will show how you can achieve more with the exciting features that are available to you. Some of the topics we will cover are hybrid scenarios, performance and scale, application compatibility, workload modernization, compliance, data mobility/migration & business continuity/disaster recovery - and several more - in this fast-paced, demo-only session.

Secure networking with Azure and Azure SQL Managed InstanceSQLBits 2023

Database migrations to the cloud must respect the existing networking and security systems already in place. Learn how Azure SQL Managed Instance combines its managed-service PaaS benefits with on-prem and hybrid⁄mixed scenarios. Modern features further leverage the benefits of the cloud to bring new value.

The SQL Leadership PanelSQLBits 2023

Bring all your questions about the strategy and future of Microsoft SQL to the leadership team of Microsoft in a panel hosted by Bob Ward, Principal Architect at Microsoft

Azure SQL Managed Instance RoadmapSQLBits 2023

Learn more about the next wave of innovation coming to Azure SQL Managed Instance at this session hosted by the engineers from the product group.

Batch Execution Mode on the RowstoreSQLBits 2019

Learn in 75 Minutes what Batch Execution Mode is, when & how it will affect your workloads (in upcoming SQL Server 2019 & Azure SQLDB) on the traditional Rowstore Indexes.

Columnstore killed the OLAP Star-Did it really?SQLBits 2017

With increasing speed in relational query execution classical analytical solutions get challenged more and more. Why loose time for processing data into multi-dimensional databases? Why analyze outdated data if you can have fresh data instead?

Understanding & Solving Columnstore ProblemsSQLBits 2015

Dive deep into Columnstore Indexes and discover their advantages and some of the limitations. Look into some of the Columnstore Indexes myths, understand more complex concepts of Batch Mode & Query Processing with another depth.

Getting Your Data into NodeXLSQLBits 2015

If you work with an amazing visualisation plugin NodeXL you might have asked yourself the question - how do I get my custom data for getting those great visualisation for analysis. This session will show you a couple of ways of how to get it done.

ETL Patterns with Clustered Columnstore IndexesSQLBits 2014

Join me for an hour of playing with different ETL patterns by using Clustered Columnstore Indexes. Using different Hardware might lead you to different conclusions,and the size of the workload is always the paramount of your performance.Loading data first and then creating a Clustered Columnstore or creating Clustered Columnstore and than loading - join me to find the answers!

Dynamic MSBI content generationSQLBits 2013

In the ideal world, all information and structures are static, but in the real world almost everything is dynamic, and changes are constant. This session reviews different methods for generating MSBI content (SSIS, SSRS) dynamically.