Sanjay Mishra

Sanjay Mishra is a Data and AI product leader in Microsoft. His team builds innovative data and AI products and services on databases.

Sanjay Mishra's Sessions

Building AI ready applicationsSQLBits 2024

In this session, we’ll explore the development of AI-ready applications using Azure SQL DB, open-source platforms and Azure AI services. We’ll cover the principles of modern application design, delve into the vector capabilities that enhance application performance, and demonstrate how to interact with your data conversationally. This session is a must for those looking to leverage Azure for building intelligent, data-driven applications.

The Microsoft Data Leadership PanelSQLBits 2024


JSON - a first class citizen in Azure SQL DBSQLBits 2024

In this session, you will learn new T-SQL features in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server. We’ll explore how Azure SQL DB treats JSON as a first-class data type, enabling seamless data exchange between applications and databases. Attendees will learn about the benefits of using JSON in Azure SQL DB, including its flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. We’ll also demonstrate how to query JSON data using SQL, providing a powerful tool for data manipulation and retrieval. Join us to discover how JSON and Azure SQL DB can work together to enhance your data management capabilities. You will get a sneak peek to other upcoming key features and improvements around T-SQL string operations too!

Meet the PG: SQL LeadershipSQLBits 2024

Come meet the leadership team for all things SQL Server & Azure SQL. Introduce yourself and ask questions - including Asad Khan, Sanjay Mishra, Muazma Zahid, Ajay Jagannathan, Joe Sack, Tejas Shah, Dhananjay Mahajan, Buck Woody, and more.

From the Classroom to the Boardroom – Azure SQL DB through DemosSQLBits 2023

Join us to learn about Azure SQL DB exciting features in form of demos, yes you heard it right, no slide only Demos.

The SQL Leadership PanelSQLBits 2023

Bring all your questions about the strategy and future of Microsoft SQL to the leadership team of Microsoft in a panel hosted by Bob Ward, Principal Architect at Microsoft

The Kingdom of AdventureWorks Calls for AidSQLBits 2023

The Kingdom of Adventure works has been besieged by Monsters from the Cave of Despair – Can the able Party of Engineers save the Kingdom from the horrors of security attacks, degraded performance, stability and resiliency using the power of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform? Come to see how they battle the foe with data and analytics, and what the Campaign holds for our trustworthy band of heroes!

Optimizing your Azure SQL Database workloadsSQLBits 2020

In this session we will demonstrate a few workload patterns on Azure SQL Database and discuss how to identify and remove bottlenecks in order to scale those applications.

HADR for SQL Server on LinuxSQLBits 2017

This session will cover High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions for SQL Server on Linux. What technology options are available and how to build a highly available database solution on Linux