Anna-Maria Wykes

Anna is a veteran software & data engineer and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, with over 17 years of experience. Anna has tackled projects from real-time analytics with Scala & Kafka, building out Data Lakes with spark and applying engineering to Data Science. She is a senior consultant with Advancing Analytics, helping shape & evolve their data engineering practice. Anna has a real passion for data and strives to bring the worlds of Software Development and Data Science closer together. Other areas of interest include UX, Agile methodologies, and helping to organize/run local Code Clubs

Anna-Maria Wykes's Sessions

Delta and Databricks vs SQL ServerSQLBits 2024

Are you a DBA trying to learn more about Lakehouse’s? Or a Data Engineer wanting to better understand traditional Data Warehousing? Whether you are from a DBA or Data Engineering background, understanding the differences between traditional Warehousing systems and Lakehouse’s is invaluable. This allows us to work with both old and new, whether that be managing both side by side, ingesting from a traditional system into a Lakehouse, or moving completely away from a traditional SQL Warehouse to a Data Lake In this session we will do direct comparisons between features/functionality , illustrating how these different tools are ultimately the same and very different at the same time. Finally, we will talk about how these two technologies can be part of the same data platform solution!

How to Run Code Clubs for Neurodiverse ChildrenSQLBits 2024

Code Clubs offer an amazing opportunity to introduce our next generation to coding, with simple brightly colored drag-and-drop tooling to get them started, we are successfully inspiring many to join the tech industry. In this session I want to talk you through my journey setting up a Code Club for neurodiverse children, what I found worked, and what doesn’t. I hope that from this session you will be inspired to follow the same path I have, using your amazing tech experience to empower some of the most vulnerable children, enabling them to become inspired not just by coding, but the tech industry itself.

Introduction to the wonders of Azure DevOpsSQLBits 2023

Azure DevOps is the leading deployment tool for build and release solutions end to end. It helps you plan your Agile project, manages Git code, and deploys solutions using Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines. In this session we will cover some of the core components of Azure DevOps and show you how to implement a secure deployment pipeline, using unit tests and gating with your CI builds and CD releases.

Automate the deployment of Databricks components using TerraformSQLBits 2022

Introduction into Terraform, Databricks provider and steps required to build an automated solution to provision Databricks workspace and resources into Azure cloud platform using Terraform.

So you want to be a Data Engineer?SQLBits 2022

An introduction to becoming a Data Engineer, Anna, Mikey and Ust will introduce the technology stack, tools and development skills needed for data engineering and show you how and where to go to learn them. We'll also show you how the skills you already have can kickstart your journey to becoming a Data Engineer.

Scala for Big Data the Big PictureSQLBits 2020

An opportunity to explore Scala, and why it is truly a “Data Engineers language”. Using Azure Functions, Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Gen2 and Databricks the basics will be explored, followed by real world examples