Craig Porteous

I bring data and automation together. I love to learn and share what I learn with the technical community. I enjoy running and live for my family. He/Him

Craig Porteous's Sessions

Zero to Lakehouse in Microsoft FabricSQLBits 2024

Fabric is Microsoft's unified software as a service data platform, built around a Data Lakehouse architecture. In this session I'll share an array of data Lakehouse architecture patterns, and demonstrate how you can build a full Data Lakehouse platform without ever touching an Azure resource.

Building a Lakehouse on the Microsoft Intelligent Data PlatformSQLBits 2023

This session session aims to give you that context. We'll look at how spark-based engines work and how we can use them within Synapse Analytics. We'll dig into Delta, the underlying file format that enables the Lakehouse, and take a tour of how the Synapse compute engines interact with it. Finally, we'll draw out our whole Lakehouse architecture

Designing Data Architectures that InfoSec will actually approveSQLBits 2023

In this session I'll guide you from through a secure reference architecture with Data Factory, Databricks, Data Lake, and Azure Synapse, working together as a secure, fully productionised platform. Each has their own idiosyncrasies, but this session will teach you the options available and the pitfalls to avoid.

Why the Lakehouse?SQLBits 2023

In this session I'll cover what the Data Lakehouse architecture is, where it fits against existing architectures like a data warehouse, and why you should build one. We'll also cover the underlying technology options to arm you with all of the information you need to plan your next data platform.

Keynote by The CommunitySQLBits 2023

Ben and Rob have found some wonderful folk to actually do the important parts of the community keynote. on the theme of How to be a nonpassive member of the data community