Linda Torrång

With a diverse background in journalism and retail, Linda brings both business insight and attention to storytelling to the table as a data warehouse developer. Coupled with her passion for learning new tech and trying new things.

Linda Torrång's Sessions

+5 Wisdom - Learn to Ask Better Questions to Solve the Right ProblemsSQLBits 2023

By asking the right questions we can solve the actual problem - not only the problem we think we are facing. Take a step back, look further, and ask better questions. We'll show you how.

Multitasking for Mortals - How to Stop Multitasking and Start Getting Things DoneSQLBits 2023

Humans were never meant to multitask - fact is, the human brain is not even capable of true multitasking. Despite this we keep trying to achieve more in less time, and in the end we achieve less and suffer from more stress. There are ways to stop trying to multitask and instead embrace structure and methods for actually getting things done. Let me show you.

How to avoid the most common junior mistakesSQLBits 2022

Junior makes mistakes. That's part of being junior. But we don't have to make the SAME mistakes over and over again - let's talk about how to make starting life in the tech lane a bit easier.

Learning to Listen - Making the Most of MentoringSQLBits 2022

Being a mentor or a mentee offer amazing opportunities but come with their own sets of challenges. We'll help you make the most of mentoring!