Bob Duffy

Bob Duffy is a SQL Server MVP from Dublin, Ireland who is MCA, MCM and now Analysis Services “Maestro” certified. Bob used to work for Microsoft Consulting Services a Senior Consultant and subject matter expert for BI/data. He now works at the Prodata SQL Centre of Excellence in Dublin, Ireland where he helps enterprise customers with design, performance tuning, benchmarking and pretty much anything to do with SQL Server or Business Intelligence.

Bob Duffy's Sessions

The European Economic Crisis and the Euro-A Data TaleSQLBits 2015

Gain insights into what is behind the media storm surrounding the Economic Crisis, by diving into publically available data using PowerBI . Learn how the use of analytical tools can empower us by answering the questions we need to ask.

Migrating to the CloudSQLBits 2014

In one hour we will take a sample ecommerce application and database, show tools available for both schema and data migration and the demo performance, scalability and monitoring impacts.

Optimising Cube ProcessingSQLBits 2014

You don’t have to be an analysis services guru to gain a better understanding of how to analyse, configure and optimise cube processing.

The Irish Economic Crisis, Visualised with Power BISQLBits 2014

In this session we will explore the Irish Economic Crisis from multiple perspectives, using Microsoft’s latest Visualisation tools including Power BI, Power Query, Power Map, Power View and Q&A.

SQL 2012 Always on Deep DiveSQLBits 2013

Always On Availability Groups offer a huge leap forward in terms of high availability. This sessions is a demo based introduction to the high availability changes in SQL 2012 emphasizing key features and benefits.

Windows Azure For SQL folkSQLBits 2013

We aim to cover the fundamental concepts that you should know on the Cloud and Windows Azure. In this demo based hour we will step through building Azure applications, deploying and managing them and what storage choices you will face.

SQL 2012 Always On-Deep DiveSQLBits 2012

Always On offers a huge leap forward in terms of high availability. This sessions is a demo based introduction to the high availability changes in Denali emphasising key features and benefits.

Load Testing Analysis ServicesSQLBits 2012

Ever deployed an Analysis Services cube that worked perfectly well with one user on the development server, only to find that it doesn’t meet the required volumes of user concurrency?

SQL Consolidation PlanningSQLBits 2011

SQL Virtualisation using the Microsoft Assessment Planning tool and the SQL Consolidation Toolkit

SQL tuning from the perspectiveSQLBits 2011

So your customer's application is ready to ship and it is dog slow. This session focuses on the tools and methology that SQL consultants use to test and improve performance with applications.