Patrick LeBlanc

Patrick LeBlanc is a currently a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft and a contributing partner to Guy in a Cube. Along with his 15+ years’ experience in IT he holds a Masters of Science degree from Louisiana State University. He is the author and co-author of five SQL Server books. Prior to joining Microsoft he was awarded Microsoft MVP award for his contributions to the community. Patrick is a regular speaker at many SQL Server Conferences and Community events.

Patrick LeBlanc's Sessions

Navigating Microsoft Fabric - Choosing the Right Workload for Your NeedsSQLBits 2024

A session to help you choose the right workload for your business needs and to understand current limitations.

The Most Powerful Azure Service You’ve Never Heard OfSQLBits 2023

Join Patrick Leblanc from the Power BI CAT team, Josh Luedeman, and Bradley Ball from the Azure FastTrack PG as we talk about the most powerful Azure Service you’ve never heard of. If only you knew the name of the service. Come to this session, and you’ll never forget it!

The Path to Success with Power BI: Best PracticesSQLBits 2023

Whether you are just getting started with Power BI, or have been around for a while, Adam and Patrick will walk you through the best practices that will get you going in the right direction with Power BI!

Power BI + Azure Synapse Analytics: Beginning your journeySQLBits 2023

Start your journey using Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics. From the options available to how to leverage effectively, this will position you well to get the most out of your data.

Keeping your data fresh in Power BISQLBits 2022

In this session you will learn how to keep you data up to date i Power BI.

Empowering every individual with Power BISQLBits 2022

Data and insights are only valuable when you can collaborate and take action on them, and those insights need to meet the business where they spend their time. The Power BI team are going to do this through Teams and SharePoint, and in productivity apps like Office, and in this session we’ll outline the plans and roadmap for this.

Getting Intimate with the Power BI DesktopSQLBits 2019

During this all-demo session, we will dig deep into some of the most captivating, but less publicized features of the desktop.

Enable Hybrid Data access with the On-premises Data GatewaySQLBits 2019

Hybrid data landscapes are common and the on-premises data gateway enables connecting to your on-premises data sources from online services (like Power BI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps) without the need to move your data to the cloud. Come to this session to see the latest gateway features and best practices related to setup and configuration along with troubleshooting tips and tricks, investigate bottlenecks and resolve your common gateway errors.

Power BI Report Server: A Deep DiveSQLBits 2018

So, you think you know everything you need to know about the Power BI Report Server because you use traditional SQL Server Reporting Services. Well, don’t believe it!

Power BI: Adam and Patrick UnpluggedSQLBits 2018

Microsoft's Patrick and Adam answer a lot of questions on Power BI, SSAS and other tech. Those questions result in videos on their YouTube channel. In this session they are going to show a few. Don’t miss out, there is a little something for everyone.