Buck Woody

BIO Buck Woody works as an Applied Data Scientist at Microsoft on the Azure Data Team, and uses data and technology to solve business and science problems. With over 35 years of professional and practical experience in computer technology, he is also a popular speaker at many conferences around the world; the author of over 700 articles and eight books on databases, machine learning, and R; teaches and sits on the Data Science Board at the University of Washington, and specializes in data analysis techniques. Specialties: Data, Data Science, Databases, Communication, Teaching, Speaking, Writing, Cloud Computing, Security

Buck Woody's Sessions

How Managers Can Support Their Employee’s Mental HealthSQLBits 2022

Mental health is a sensitive topic to approach with an employee, here you will learn how.

Developer Enhancements in SQL Server 2022SQLBits 2022

SQL Server 2022's latest developer enhancements from the Product Group.

Machine Learning on the SQL Server PlatformSQLBits 2022

SQL Server is a complete Machine Learning platform - learn a complete process to use it from data ingestion to model deployment.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep LearningSQLBits 2020

What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and how can each be used? Join Buck Woody cover simple, clear explanations for these technologies, how they can be applied.

An administrators guide to SQL Server 2019 BDCSQLBits 2020

Join this session if you are interested in the administration scenarios of the big data clusters, including tooling for monitoring, how to deploy and secure the environment, and to learn about the latest improvements.

SQL 2019 Big Data Architecture OverviewSQLBits 2019

In this session Buck Woody explains how Microsoft has implemented the SQL Server 2019 relational database engine in a big data cluster leverages an elastically scalable storage layer that integrates SQL Server and HDFS to scale to petabytes of data storage. You’ll see the three ways you can interact with massive amounts of data: Data Virtualization, Data Marts, and working with a complete Kubernetes Cluster in SQL Server. You’ll also learn common use case scenarios that leverage big data and the SQL server 2019 Big Data Cluster on-premises, in the cloud, and in a hybrid architecture.

Presenting Like JaggerSQLBits 2012

Presenting your ideas is essential – from a simple team meeting to a hall of thousands of listeners, it’s vital that you have this skill. But how do you make your presentations effective, useful and interesting for everyone.

Creating a business Continuity PlanSQLBits 2010

If you want to learn how to make your business systems available then attend this session

SQL Server 2008 and R2 - Data as a strategySQLBits 2010

Buck Woody, Microsoft's "Real World DBA" explain the new feature-sets in SQL Server 2008 and R2, as they apply to the data professional.