Paul Andrew

Paul (AKA @mrpaulandrew) is the Founder & CTO of Cloud Formations, a specialist data consultancy based in the UK. With nearly 20 years’ experience designing and delivering Microsoft data architectures, Paul leads a passionate team of engineers, supporting businesses small and large with scalable cloud platforms. Business value delivered through data insights. Over the years, Paul has covered the breadth and depth of design patterns and industry leading concepts, including Lambda, Kappa, Delta Lake, Data Mesh and Data Fabric. Paul is also a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, director for the Data Relay community conference, East Midlands user group leader, book author and mentor. In addition to the day job(s), Paul is a father of three, husband, foodie, runner, blood donor, geek, Lego, and Star Wars fan! Lastly, Paul confesses to enjoying a Ramstein playlist when given half a chance to do some coding for a customer project.

Paul Andrew's Sessions

An Evolution of Data Architectures - Lambda, Kappa, Delta, Mesh & FabricSQLBits 2024

How has advancements in highly scalable cloud technology influenced the design principals we apply when building data platform solutions?

Building an Azure Data Analytics Platform End-to-EndSQLBits 2023

Based on real world experience let’s think about just how far the breadth of our knowledge now needs to reach when starting from nothing and building a complete Microsoft Azure Data Analytics solution.

Creating a Metadata Driven Orchestration Framework Using Azure Data Integration PipelinesSQLBits 2022

We'll explore delivering this framework within an enterprise and consider an architect’s perspective on a wider platform of ingestion/transformation workloads with multiple batches and execution stages.

ETL in Azure Made Easy with Data Factory Data FlowsSQLBits 2020

What happens when you combine a cloud orchestration service with a Spark cluster?! The answer is a feature rich, graphical, scalable data flow environment to rival any ETL tech we’ve previously had available in Azure.

Using Azure DevOps for Azure Data FactorySQLBits 2020

DevOps as a concept does not always translate to the technology when implemented. In this session we'll explore that problem when working with Azure Data Factory and what the different cloud only CI/CD options are.

Complex Azure Orchestration w Dynamic Data Factory PipelinesSQLBits 2019

If you have already mastered the basics of Azure Data Factory (ADF) and are now looking to advance your knowledge of the tool this is the session for you.

Building an End to End IoT Solution Using Pi Sensors & AzureSQLBits 2017

Demonstrating an end to end IoT solution providing real-time sensor data from a Raspberry Pi into an Azure IoT Hub, through Stream Analytics, then with outputs to Power BI and SQL DB. Learn how to build this simplified IoT solution from scratch.