Pieter Vanhove

Pieter Vanhove is a Program Manager in the Security & Governance Azure Database Platform team at Microsoft. He is the feature PM for ledger and Always Encrypted which is all about bringing the power of Blockchain to SQL Server and data encryption. He has been working with SQL Server since 2000. Pieter has a profound knowledge in data security and loves the new Azure stuff. He is also a regular speaker at Belgian and international events.

Pieter Vanhove's Sessions

How to solve common data security requirementsSQLBits 2022

In this session, you will learn how to solve common security requirements for new or existing applications using Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance. We will cover Authentication and Authorization, Data Protection, Auditing and Security Management. After completing this session, you will understand how to meet specific security compliance standards and best practices.

Protecting data integrity with ledgerSQLBits 2022

Join this session to learn how ledger tables in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2022 work and why you should use them in your databases and applications.

Run your DBA morning checklist with Policy Based ManagementSQLBits 2018

In this session you will learn how you can perform your DBA morning checklist with Policy Based Management to evaluate your servers and how I configured my setup.

From Here to AzureSQLBits 2015

Attend this interactive session and learn how to create, deploy, and migrate data from your on-premises instance of SQL Server to Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Microsoft Azure SQL Database.