Yitzhak Kesselman

Yitzhak Kesselman is Vice President for the Messaging & Real-Time Analytics suite of products at Microsoft. The team’s mission is to enable businesses to make their operations highly data-driven by getting insights and taking actions in real time over billions of observations from across the organization. The team delivers Event Streams, KQL Databases, and Data Activator in Microsoft Fabric, as well as Azure Data Explorer, Stream Analytics, Event Hub, Event Grid, and Service Bus in Azure. Prior to that Yitzhak was leading Alphabet’s Monitoring products, critical for the reliability of Alphabet's production infrastructure and products. The products provide actionable insights into service health metrics consequently impacting the reliability of all products from Google search to autonomous vehicles that serve 4B+ users worldwide. Prior to joining Google, Yitzhak was leading Power BI Platform team (now Fabric Platform team) that delivered the infrastructure, common functionality and operations to Power BI and other Azure Data cloud services. Yitzhak and his team scaled the service more than 12x getting it the best in class service by Gartner and Forster.