Eugene Meidinger

Eugene Meidinger works as a BI consultant and Pluralsight author, specializing in Power BI and Azure. He has been working with data for 10 years and is a Microsoft MVP.

Eugene Meidinger's Sessions

DAX in 20 Minutes - The Hard PartsSQLBits 2023

One of the biggest hurdles in learning how to use Power BI is the DAX modeling language. While it looks simple, like Excel formulas, it requires a who set of mental models to use effectively. In this session, we'll cover all the roadblocks to getting started with DAX.

How I Deal with DepressionSQLBits 2023

In the talk, we'll talk about the different types of depression and how to identify it. We'll also about some of the different ways that you can treat it. I will cover my personal experiences and what has worked for me personally

How Leaders Can Support Their Employee’s Mental HealthSQLBits 2023

Sometimes as leaders it's hard to know how to address the topic of of a an employee's mental health. Come to this session for come practical, straightforward strategies to be used to address a very difficult topic.

How I Deal with DepressionSQLBits 2022

What does depression feel like and how can you deal with it? This talk covers a data driven approach to treating depression.

Maximising everyone's super powers - Panel discussionSQLBits 2022

In this panel we will discuss approaches with leaders in the field who have first hand experience of managing neurodiversity in the work place. Welcome questions from the audience as to how everyone can maximise their and their teams super powers

Power BI Licensing in 20 MinutesSQLBits 2022

Power BI licensing can be confusing. In this talk we'll cover the difference between user licensing and capacity licensing.