Rishi Sapra

Rishi works as a Group Manager at Avanade - a Joint Venture between Accenture and Microsoft which has been MS Partner of the Year for the last 15 Years - specialising in Power BI. Prior to this he has spent 12 years in Consulting /Financial Services (Deloitte, HSBC, Barclays, KPMG) and is a qualified accountant with a background in Business modelling and process improvement. He is actively involved in the Power BI Community in London and has presented at Meetup groups and several global conferences. He also runs two core communities - LDI (www.learndatainsights.com) for people to take data analytics quizzes and courses and PPF (www.powerplatformfinance.com) for helping finance professionals apply the Power Platform technology stack in their roles.

Rishi Sapra's Sessions

How to learn fast-changing tech in a post pandemic, Attention-starved worldSQLBits 2023

Struggling to figure out how to learn about new features and pick up new skills in a technology environment that is moving so fast? In this session, Rishi will highlight some key principles of instructional design and how you can use them to become a better learner or teacher!

Power BI Governance: 6 steps to successSQLBits 2022

Learn how to deploy Power BI at scale within a large Enterprise. The mantra behind this is “discipline at the core, flexibility at the edge” - we will cover deploying appropriate guardrails/controls whilst still retaining the notion of “self-service” within the organization.

Storytelling With DataSQLBits 2022

Learn how to present arguments with data to effectively communicate the insights you need to get across

Tips and Tricks for working with Finance Data in Power BISQLBits 2020

<p>Excel has always been the tool of choice for the finance team with the flexibility it provides for logic, formatting and presentation of numbers. But this flexibility has also caused Governance nightmares, performance issues and huge risks with manual processes. Is it possible to also achieve the desired outcomes and flexibility with Power BI whilst also having all the benefits of working in a more controlled, automated and feature-rich environment? Yes! In this session Rishi will show how you can have your finance cake and eat it, showing how to build dynamically formatted financial statements , waterfall charts and KPIs in Power BI to tell an engaging story with finance data.

The Incidental Business Analyst (BA) – Designing a Finance Power BI Data Model to Tell a StorySQLBits 2020

Join this session to learn the key steps in designing a data model: Know Your Audience (KYA), Complete a Scoping Template, Define the data granularity/scope and design a conceptual model. We will use time-tested methodologies based on Kimball Data modelling techniques, including a Bus Matrix and Starnet, complete with templates available for you to freely download.